So…help me, God.

DSC_9113Music has always played a big part in my life.   I remember how much I was influenced by the great writers of both pop and Disney during my growing up years.  Visions of romance swirled in my head as I imagined being  “torn between two lovers,”  or that “someday my prince would come.”  Fortunately, my legs were gangly, I sported grey, plastic aviators, shiny braces, and had thin hair; a Disney maiden I was not. Looking back, I’m sure it saved me a lot of heart ache.

Recently, we gave our daughter the Hal Leonard Disney Collection for piano, vocal and guitar.  It is wonderful to have all of those favorite songs, complete with words, in one great piano book and my daughter is enjoying it thoroughly. I find myself singing along… “So this is love,  hmmm… so this is love.  So this is what makes life divine.  I’m all aglow, hmmm… and now I know, the key to all heaven is mine“…..What a lovely song from the movie Cinderella;   So This is Love.

 As I was thinking about what to say to a young, soon-to-be-wed young  woman  at her bridal shower, the thought came to me that the song,  So This Is Love, could be a bit deceiving.  The Bible says, “Greater love has no man than this, than he lay down his life for his friend.”     So, that is love.   So that is the greatest love.   Yes, there is a place for the heart-fluttery type of love, but the greatest love is sacrificial.  God not only told us about it,  He sent His Son,  Jesus to  show us love, and then He asks us to walk in His footsteps…all the way to the cross.

It may be very romantic to think that some day, if I ever had to, I would die for my loved-one.  It sounds very heroic and grand doesn’t it?   Well, so far, I haven’t been asked to give my life for my husband, but maybe, by being sacrificial in small things, I  can make a  big difference in our marriage.   It becomes very romantic, knowing my husband also loves me sacrificially, and it becomes very heroic in the long haul, when my marriage points other to our loving Savior.   I can choose to pick up my husband’s dirty socks without complaining;  I can be patient and kind when he is having a tough day,  or I can surprise him with his favorite dessert  even though I’m tired of doing dishes.  It’s those little things that may be my  little crosses to pick up and bear everyday.  They are good practice for the heavier crosses that could come my way.

In planning for the bridal shower devotional, I was struggling to remember what the traditional marriage vows stated.   Silly, huh.  I should know them after being married for 29 years, but when I was trying to recite them out loud for my children, I attached an ending- the words that are usually said in a court room when you promise to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; so help me God.”   My children laughed with me because I can be so sure that I am correct.  Well, they were right.   I was mixing the two vows together, but I still think I’m  correct,  because “so help me God” should be attached to the ending.  It is only with His supernatural help that I can fulfill those promises,  and  love sacrificially.

I, ____, take you, ____ , to be my lawfully wedded husband from this day forward, to have and to hold,  for better,  for worse, for richer, for poorer,  in sickness and in health, till death do us part, so help me God. 

  “So, this is love,  hmmm…  So,  help me God,  hmmm…        So…help me, God.”


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