Guiding Lines

I found myself hunched over the steering wheel,  driving slower than usual,  because the headlights of the oncoming cars were reflecting off the wet pavement, making the road hard to see. I was nervous driving in those conditions, but whatever the circumstances, whether they be heavy fog, snow or rain, I know enough to fix my eyes on the white line at the edge of the road.

In the blackness of that morning,  I loved that white line.  Mentally, I was hugging that glow-in-the-dark marker.

David also loved a guiding line. He journals his feelings in Psalms 119:97, when he passionately declares, “Oh, how I love Thy law, it is my meditation all the day.”  God’s law, His guiding lines, were what kept David on track, through the bleakest of circumstances.  He was frequently fleeing an angry, jealous king who made multiple attempts to end his life,  and it was because of David’s love of God’s law that he was able to survive. Simply put, he meditated on God’s commands; he focused on them,  he held them near and dear to his heart, and God provided the wisdom and guidance he needed not just to hang on in life, but to be victorious in life.

How simple is that? And yet many try to complicate or confuse God’s loving  gift of commands, or even  erase them, thinking they are too restrictive.  I would have thought it very cruel if the road crew had not left a marker for me on my early morning drive; that clear, continuous, unfailing, white guiding line.  But it was there. And I was hanging on to it for Dear Life, feeling very thankful when I arrived safely at my friend’s door.

After our discussion,  I was soon retracing my drive home. As the sun’s brilliance was reflecting in my rear-view mirror,  the morning mists ahead were rising; ragged and grey in front of a magnificent backdrop of russets and golds.  The dark, slate colored storm clouds were far in the distance, and I had no trouble seeing the road, because my world was bathed in Light.

A foretaste of Heaven I’m sure.


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