Master Mechanic

dsc_9582On Saturday,  my daughter was in a car accident, and thankfully, suffered only minor injuries.  Her car initially appeared to have survived the impact of a van rear ending it at 60 mph.  There were only a few noticeable scratches to the back bumper, but when she tried to drive it,  all the lights on the dash began flashing and the car only made it a half mile before dying.

The next day, when her husband was able to tow it home, his diagnosis was that it was a total loss, for although the exterior of the car held up rather well,  looking under the hood revealed far greater damage. The engine was jammed, misaligned and the radiator had been jarred and broken. It  was a beautiful car with a total wreck for an engine.

I  have been pondering the words of President Trump’s inaugural speech.  He is hopeful and has great intentions to make America Great Again.   I am hopeful also, but my reason for hope isn’t that America will be financially stable, or that I will feel safer, or that our  infra-structure will be improved.  All those things sound wonderful, but are just exteriors.

My hope is placed elsewhere. My hope is in the Lord and His intentions.

Social media seems to reveal the hearts of people. It shows things that shock and dis-heart-en me,  and make me realize that satan is a master at deception.  What is good is now considered bad, and what is bad is now considered not only acceptable, but even good.  How can things be so turned up-side-down?  How can our nation seem so dark?  How can its heart be as messed up as the inside of my daughter’s car?

We can’t make America great again just by improving her  infrastructure. Infrastructure is defined as,”the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads, and power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.”  Some would describe it as the internal workings of a civilization, but I beg to differ. Infrastructure is an external;  it’s still dealing with exterior things.

America doesn’t need a nice exterior, she needs a new engine. To mix metaphors, instead of just a make over, she needs a heart transplant.  Hopefully, those of us who believe we should love those who feel like our enemies,  will point those we disagree with toward the only One who can give them new hearts.  Are we kind? Are we humble? Do we ask forgiveness along with granting forgiveness?  Are we speaking truth in love?  After all,  “In the bigger picture, the ultimate goal, the real instruction Jesus gave his followers, was to attract others–not to repel them.”  (Carson, 134)

It is hard.  My natural response is to feel angry and in turn, slander those who seem to hate everything I stand for, but I am hanging on to the fact that I am called to pray for those who persecute me, and return blessings for curses.  People opposed to my beliefs, don’t need me arguing back at them.  They need to see what the Master Mechanic has done in my life, and how I respond to antagonism gives me the opportunity to show sacrificial love in action. How I live my life should be the most convincing message of all.  That should speak louder than any message on social media.

Bring on the plans to make America Great Again.  I will be doing my part by asking God to help me be joyful, humble and loving as I point others to Him,  the  Master Mechanic.

“The power of the gospel, could achieve more in hearts and lives than all the Acts of Parliament…”   J.C. Ryle.  (Russell, 262)

Carson, Ben.  Take the Risk.  Grand Rapids, Michigan:   Zondervan, 2008.  Print.

Russell, Eric.    J.C. Ryle:  The Man of Granite With The Heart of a Child.    Fearn, Scotland:  Christian Focus Publications,  2002.  Print.


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