dsc_9593When my heart trembles, I need to be reminded of the  fact that God is in control and of the fact that He loves me.

I say He is an “ever-present help in times of trouble,” (Psalm 46:1) but do I believe it?  Just when I am tempted to let my mind wander and become filled with doubt, basing my hopes on things other than Him, the Firm Foundation, He finds me, and He never fails to whisper the words needed at precisely the right moment.  He proves to me over and over and over, that He is in deed, in fact, and in word, my Ever Present Help.

Angry words have been flying around our country, and their repercussions are felt world-wide.  I attempted to read a newspaper yesterday, and felt as if the headlines and stories were meant to create frenzy and panic, and they did just that.  I dropped the pages on my table and I felt shaky sick to think we could crumble from within,  which is what can seem to be happening.

The earth quaking

My world shaking.

I felt  the trembles and needed a stabilizing word from God.

I have never heard God’s voice, but He is always speaking to my heart.  Sometimes I listen.  Usually, it is when I am so weak or frightened that I lose my voice, and stop talking long enough to hear His still, small voice.

These are the words He whispered to me this morning.

“We are conscious of our own weakness

and of the strength of evil;

but not of the third force,

stronger than either ourselves,

or the power of evil,

which is at our disposal

if we will draw upon it.

What is needed is a whole-hearted realization

that we are in Christ,

and Christ is in us

by His Spirit…”

(Gore, Charles, January 25)*

Enough said for now.

My quaking heart, stabilizes when I cling to the Rock, and listen for His words of truth and reassurance spoken at precisely the right moment.

They remind me once again;

He really does love me.

*Tileston, Mary, ed.  Joy and Strength.  New York:  Grosset and Dunlap, 1929.  Print.







2 thoughts on “Stabilization

    1. It is so fun to see who is reading the posts! You make me smile! Thanks for commenting. I am happy to be writing what ever the Lord lays on my heart, and am happier still to know it can encourage others. Have a great day!


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