Back-Packing #3

DSC_9758Third item to show you in my survival pack for life is my flashlight.

It sheds light on everything and allows me safe passage even in the darkest night.  When my narrow trail is filled with rocks that threaten to trip me or send me headlong into a crevasse, it slices through the blackness and lights my way.

When I can’t see Him, my Companion treading so quietly beside me, it throws light into His Glorious Face and I am strengthened once again, reminded of His Ever Presence and All Knowing Mind.

In C.S. Lewis’s life-shaping children’s book,  The Horse and His Boy, there is a passage that dissolves me into tears every time I read it.  When reading it out loud with my children, I would have to stop and collect myself, never able to make it all the way through before feeling buried under the weight of the truth.

It is the part where Shasta, the boy,  is struggling on in the night trying to make his way to Narnia, and he is terrified because he is sensing some unseen thing walking beside himself and the horse he was riding.  When he finally gathers courage to choke out the words “Who are you?” the Thing responds in a voice that was “not loud,  but very large and deep: ‘Someone who has waited long for you to speak.'”

Shasta then begins to realize there is an enormous Lion walking next to him, breathing on his hand.  Once the initial horror subsides, the Lion says gently, “Tell me your sorrows.”  With great relief,  Shasta begins to pour out his heart to this huge creature, this Lion: this Aslan he had only heard tales of, but was now walking beside him,

With tears streaming down his face, Shasta has then what I would call a ‘major pity party,’ recalling all of the events that made him a poor, “unfortunate boy,” The Lion responds, explaining to the boy, that He had been behind all of the events, the comforting ones and the terrifying ones, that had directed Shasta to that point, and it had all been intended for his welfare, helping direct him to Narnia.

Thanks to my friend Mr. Lewis,  the verse in God’s Word, where Paul tells me that “all things work together for good,” takes on such new power I am able to see things almost in High Definition.

I now can point  my flashlight towards the path my mother has trod (ahead of me) and see the hand of God.  The fact that He was walking beside my mother, using circumstances and her conscience to guide her is the real-life tale that shapes my life.  It is Romans 8:28 put on the stage of real life for all of us to see.  (See Blog entitled: Back-Packing #1)

God’s Word is the  powerful light that sheds its rays on my path; it keeps me safe when the way becomes misty with the smoke and haze of current lies and deceptions.  My way becomes enlightened and that, my fellow traveler,  gives me peace.

The Flashlight not only casts it light around me, but it is becoming indispensable in my ‘growing up’  children’s lives; they  are learning to rely on it to light their own journeys. It will be what I leave behind, stashed in my back pack for my grandchildren’s children when I am welcomed into the true Narnia, where all is Light.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.   Romans 8:28 NAS


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