It seems at times,  we can find ourselves standing on tip toes at a crossroads; looking out over a huge intersection in a major city, and this world’s traffic is getting crazy.  People’s lives are careening out of control, and every day the news headlines report yet another tragedy as people race along at break-neck speed.  It makes my heart heavy, and I long for the good old way; a quiet path that leads through cool wooded places and along streams of living water.  I know of such a way. And thankfully, my life has been blessed with all sorts of dear ones who either walk beside me or have gone on before, leaving their encouragement in the form of much loved books, songs, and life lessons.  If you’d like, I could introduce you to some of them.  Take my hand and come along with me.  We’ll look for the ancient path, the good old way,  and we will find rest for our souls.